Illuminate Your Journey

You are at the heart of everything we do at Veya. During your stay, our wellbeing specialists will be on hand to work on a tailored activity programme that caters to your unique interests, priorities and needs.

Own your presence


While everyone’s wellbeing journey is different, there are learnings and practices that universally help us find balance within our body, our mind, and our environment. Veya’s approach to wellbeing composes of a range of multidisciplinary modalities that have been distilled and clarified into 8 universal pathways toward being well – our 8 Pillars of Wellbeing.

Elevate your wellbeing

Your wellbeing journey leads you towards many different paths centered around your body, your mind, and your surroundings. To help you find balance on these pathways, we’ve designed an all-encompassing calendar of accessible workshops, impactful activities, and immersive nature-based experiences centering on somatic practices. The calendar consists of a holistic range of expert-led activities, including mindfulness practices, somatic movements, and lifestyle learnings that help you discover simple yet effective ways to continue improving your wellbeing when you return home. And because you’re in charge of your own journey at Veya, you enjoy the freedom to participate in as many or as few activities as you desire.

Curated programmes, customised for you

At Veya, you’re in charge of your own wellbeing journey. Whether you’re here to rest and reflect, or to immerse yourself in a specific wellbeing practice, you have a team of caring specialists and a weekly calendar of over 50 activities to assist you. For those with specific wellbeing goals in mind, we’ve designed a range of curated programmes that focus on achieving better sleep, a clearer mind, or improved physical vitality. Each one comprises a consultation, a dietary plan, and a combination of movement activities, learning workshops, and body therapy.


Our most popular programmes include:

sleep and rest


Sleep Regeneration

While quality sleep is essential to our wellbeing, our fast-paced lives don’t always allow us enough time to truly rest and regenerate. Veya’s Sleep Regeneration programme comprises sleep-inducing therapeutic massages, meditation rituals, and a practical sleep workshop. Leave well-rested, energised, and empowered with the skills and knowledge to continue improving your sleep at home.


New Clarity

As we spend prolonged periods of time in stressful work environments, our bodies accumulate tension and toxins that affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Through therapeutic restorative detox massages and stress-releasing exercises, New Clarity aims to rid your body of internal stressors, complemented with purposeful wellbeing workshops and activities that help you stay centered and fulfilled with new-found optimism long after you've returned home.


Urban Revival

Extended sedentary and desk-bound work in sub-optimal settings strain your back, neck, and shoulders and can have negative effects on your mental wellbeing. Therapeutic stretching treatments and workshops focus on achieving good spine posture, alleviating chronic pain and aiding the repair of strained muscles. Guided breathing exercises and natural wellbeing activities counter stress and help build mental resilience.

Activities Timetable
Private consultation and sessions

Our wellbeing experts are highly knowledgeable and passionate in their respective fields. Drawing on years of experience and a wealth of expertise, they can provide guidance and support on your wellbeing journey. Feel free to approach them for advice, further questions, or requests at any point during your stay; they are happy to assist you and make your stay at Veya as purposeful and comfortable as possible. They may even inspire you with tales from their own wellbeing journeys.


All our wellbeing activities can be customised in private sessions to make the most out of your time at Veya. For even deeper immersions into selected practices, a team of highly skilled resident and external specialists are available with advance reservations.