Own your presence


Wellbeing is a lifelong journey. A path of small steps and big leaps guided by intuition, awareness, and practice. It’s an exploration of your inner self and your connection to the outside world. Often careful. Sometimes courageous. Always considered. Veya is here to support you along that path.


While everyone’s wellbeing journey is different, there are learnings and practices that universally help us find balance within our body, our mind, and our environment. Veya’s approach to wellbeing composes of a range of multidisciplinary modalities that have been distilled and clarified into 8 universal pathways toward being well – our 8 Pillars of Wellbeing.






We’re here for you


We personalise your Veya journey with an individual wellbeing assessment, mapping, and consultation. A bespoke wellbeing program curated from the group wellbeing activity calendar is built around your needs and wellbeing goals. Daily rituals and mindful practices centre the mind and body. A team of resident experts and your dedicated wellbeing host are on hand to guide, support, and celebrate with you on this journey.


Flexible Veya credit allows you to choose your preferred spa treatment, private sessions, or dining options at all restaurants. An end-of-stay experience reflection and consultation is also included so that you are able to weave new learnings and practices into your lifestyle, and continue on your path of wellbeing when you return home.

Dining at Veya

Food that nourishes the soul


Veya Cuisine is a place that brings together all who desire to eat well, and enjoy conscious and nutritious cuisine that delights the senses and elevates the wellbeing.


Veya showcases plant-forward cuisine that weaves together Asian and Mediterranean influences in a creative, flexitarian approach that respects ingredient provenance. Menu signatures include bowls, broths, and reinterpreted iconic local dishes around a Fuel-Balance-Repair daily sequence. Resident ‘Nutrition Sommeliers’ assist guests in curating a tailored menu during their stay to fulfill dietary needs and preferences.