Veya Experience

Available at 1 Property

Inspire a new conscious way of living by cultivating your intuition, awareness, and practice. Be empowered with new tools, knowledge and wisdom that you can weave into your path of wellbeing.

Advance Purchase

Available at 1 Property

Book your stay in advance and save up to 20% off your stay

Come Closer

Available at 1 Property

Reconnect with each other through a personalised wellbeing journey to strengthen your bond. Discover your path together at Veya.


Retreat into a world that is exclusively yours with our special romantic package.

Ways of Well

Available at 1 Property

Immerse in wellbeing the Veya way. Stay three nights or more to enjoy dining, spa and wellbeing privileges, along with our signature private wellbeing assessment and end-of-stay journey reflection consultation.

Live Well, Travel Well

Available at 1 Property

Travel makes everything feel different. It is a time to consciously chart an unfamiliar path, be present in connections, and find grounding within discomfort.


As we journey through the world, envisioning new possibilities and creating sanctuaries of wonder and reflection, we invite a different state of wellbeing.


Celebrate our anniversary with us and live life through a different lens with up to 40% off stays and complimentary breakfast.

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