Veya Cuisine

Food for the Mind

Indulge immersions into the wine region connecting with the flavors and soul of the land.

“Aldea” All Day Dining Restaurant


Perched atop the hill, encircling the picturesque Pueblito’s square, our restaurant serves as the vibrant heart of the resort. These culinary destinations serve as a conduit for guests and visitors to immerse themselves in the local food scene, forging authentic connections over exceptional cuisine and superb wines.

More Dining Options

“Cinco” Fine Dining Restaurant

A progressive culinary destination

Our Harvest-Dinner experience, to indulge unique combinations of flavors as it upholds its main motto of solely using seasonal ingredients. The restaurant concept is driven by the noble notion of preserving the quality and authenticity of the produce, taking full advantage of the seasonality of Baja's fresh sustainable products and resulting in a dynamic menu.

Food Truck

A wholesome unique experience gazing at the infinite views.

From our traditional local "Street Food" to unique creations locally sourced offering seasonal and regional ingredients.

Destination Dining Experiences

For more intimate gatherings in extraordinary spaces.

We offer the option of private dining and tasting experiences in extraordinary spaces. Explore the secret cellar hidden in the hills, have an immersive dinner in the heart of the winery, or enjoy the enchanting outdoors while relishing a culinary journey tailored exclusively for you and your group.

“Atalaya” Bar

Mixiology and delicacies bar

Continue your culinary exploration at the drinks and delicacies bar, a haven of creativity and innovation where you can enjoy our signature drinks, mocktails, and special appetizers while basking in the breathtaking view that stretches before you, adding an extra layer of beauty to your experience.

“Pictograma” Winery

Our winery stands apart as the only destination in the world dedicated solely to Grenache.

A testament to the variety's versatility and allure. Through our collection of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling house blends, we celebrate the myriad expressions of this noble grape. The vines, like the oak barrels essential to their maturation, have been carefully sourced from renowned French winemaking regions, and are nurtured in harmony with our land.