Pictograma Winery

An integral concept dedicated to the rescue, research, and celebration of the agricultural roots of the Valle de Guadalupe through the cultivation of the Grenache grape


An exclusive space dedicated to the Grenache grape, where visitors, experts, and wine lovers have the opportunity to fully discover this variety.


In the heart of the property lies Pictograma, a project led by pioneers in deep and genuine research of the region, aimed at creating wines with character, conceived from the richness of Mexican land.
Since 2018, Pictograma has been working with diverse valleys in Baja California that produce Grenache grapes, incorporating into its research and production the development of several labels that reflect the conditions of each terroir.

Unveiling the art of wine crafting

A fascinating journey to discover the creation of a great collection of wines that elevate the agricultural and enological value of the Grenache grape.


As you venture from room to room, you'll discover the meticulous work behind the harvest of Grenache grapes and experience their transformation through an interactive sensorial journey. This adventure culminates in our tasting room, where the essence of our labor awaits.


During tasting sessions, our knowledgeable guides will teach you the art of savoring each wine and share the rich history of winemaking in the Valle region.