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Drawing on Asian traditions that date back centuries, our intimate and therapeutic spa rituals blend serenity and healing with exotic, earthy sensuality. The architecture of the spa pavilions and suites infuses local cultural inspiration seamlessly with the calming beauty of nature.


At Banyan Tree Veya Spa, we invite you to immersive experiences through our deeply relaxing and profoundly restorative treatments, based on evolving techniques that have been passed through the hands of many generations and combining the use of aromatic oils, herbs, and spices with the power of ancient healing rituals designed to help you achieve a profound sense of wellbeing. Under the intuitive touch of our therapists, rediscover a state of inner peace while engaging all the senses through soothing sounds, calming scents and stress-reducing vibrations, all hallmarks of our award-winning spa massages.


Experience a Sense of Wellbeing. Create a state of calm and peace that anchors you in the moment as you connect to the serenity of your sanctuary surroundings. Feel the tension melt away as we welcome you with a healthful, herbal drink before you embark on your soothing and healing spa wellbeing journey. Bask in the feeling of profound wellbeing after the treatment with further complimentary refreshments in a 30-minute calm time.

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Veya Temazcal Journey

A transformative, culturally-rooted experience, this traditional Mexican Temazcal ritual cleanses the mind and body and connects us to our inner selves. You will be guided by a local Temazcalero, who will lead you through the rituals of deep breathing exercises, meditative chantings and drumming to help you release tension and renew your energy, before stepping into the Temazcal dome with hot stones and medicinal plants that will purify your senses on all levels. After absorbing the cathartic atmosphere of the Temazcal, a closing ritual will seal your transformation and gratitude, leaving you refreshed and renewed.


Desert Spring

Experience ultimate relaxation and tranquility by indulging in our unique hydrotherapy circuitat the Desert Spring. Water has been treasured for its healing and relaxing properties since ancient times and is an important element in achieving optimum wellbeing and body balance. The circuit includes a variety of hot and cold stations that induce a state of calmness.

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