Diet and Nutrition

Exercise and Physical Activenesss

Sleep and Relaxation

Work Life, Learning and Fulfillment

Relationship with Family, Friends and Society

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Forgiveness, Gratitude and Empathy

Relationship with Nature

1a. How often do you eat all your meals regularly? (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
1b. How regularly do you eat more than 5 small bowls of fruits or vegetables a day?
1c. How frequently do you drink 2-2.5 liters of plain water a day?
1d. How often do you make an effort to avoid eating processed foods? (preserved and packed items)
1e. How conscious are you in moderating the intake of fat, salt and sugar?
1f. How often do you select healthier options when dining out? (eg. moderate intake of red meat, fried items,soft drinks, desserts, etc.)
1g. Do you eat sufficient quantities of food without being overly conscious of your weight?
1h. How regularly do you ensure that your emotions do not affect your eating habits? (eg. eating less or more or avoid eating when you are stressed)
2a. How consistently do you engage in moderate to vigorous exercise for at least 150 minutes in a week?
2b. How regularly does your exercise cover all the exercise groups - Cardio, Power, Strength and Stretch?
2c. How often do you faithfully stretch your body for at least 10 minutes, pre or post workout session?
2d. How often do you exercise your major muscle group? (arms, legs, front and back muscles)
2e. How commonly do you plan your exercises according to your body type? (Ectomorph - long and lean, endomorph -stocky build, mesomorph - middle of the body types)
2f. How often do you make time to engage in activities or sports that you enjoy?
2g. How frequently do you engage in light exercise, climb the steps, brisk walk or ride a non-electric bicycle to travel short distances?
2h. How consistently do you try to increase the intensity of your exercises? (eg. increase weights, improve the heart rate when you do cardio exercises, increase number of repetitions)
3a. Do you always sleep well for about 7-8 hours every night?
3b. How often do you sleep and wake up at regular time?
3c. How frequently do you take time to relax and calm down before sleep? (eg. take a warm shower, pray meditate, do light stretching exercise)
3d. How consistently do you minimise using blue light emitting electronic gadgets (mobile phones, television,laptop) at least 2 hours before sleep?
3e. How regularly do you feel refreshed after a night of sleep, without using any medication, alcohol or substance for the purpose of relaxation?
3f. How commonly do you sleep at one stretch without any interruptions? (waking up to go for urinal, disturbed with stomach irritability or getting scary dreams)
3g. When needed, how often do you take a short nap during the day time (eg. 10 minute nap at lunch time), and feel refreshed thereafter?
3h. Do you usually sleep adequately regardless of the stress that you are experiencing or special life events that are affecting you?
4a. Do you enjoy your current work?
4b. Do you generally feel that you are appreciated or recognised for your skills, strength or talents at work or in personal life?
4c. How frequently do you invest time in learning new skills that can improve your work performance?
4d. How regularly do you find time to follow your passion, interest or hobbies, even if you are busy with other commitments?
4e. Do you try to set achievable targets and strive to reach these goals within your set timeline?
4f. Are you able to take setbacks in a positive manner and continue to work towards success?
4g. Do you consciously utilise your skills, talents and strengths to mange your weaknesses?
4h. How often do you make a conscious effort to step out of your comfort zone or make time for new experiences? (eg. learning a new skill, try a new activitiy, participate in new experience)
5a. How regularly do you keep in touch with your friends/relatives? (personally visiting them, calling them, inviting them home)
5b. How often do you seek suggestions and opinions, share happiness or sadness with your family/friends?
5c. Do you generally feel valued and respected by your friends, family members or love ones?
5d. How often do you feel satisfied about the intimate life with your partner? If you are Single, how often do you feel satisfied about the level of trust and connections with your closest / best friends?
5e. Do you generally feel that you are respected and valued by your professional peers or supervisor?
5f. Do you usually maintain a cordial and collaborative relationship with your colleagues?
5g. How frequently do you feel interested, support or participate in community events or public causes?
5h. How consistenly do you treat people from different culture or backgrounds equally and respect different values and opinions?
6a. How consistently can you stay focused and mindful of the present moment?
6b. How routinely do you make time for private contemplation, meditation or prayer?
6c. Do you make a conscious effort not to interrupt and listen intently when one is expressing their thoughts and emotions?
6d. How frequently do you refrain from making assumptions or judgement before understanding the overall situation and viewpoint of the other?
6e. How often do you feel that you are conscious of managing your thoughts or emotion before acting on it?
6f. How usually do you remain faithful to your values and yet open minded to other's opinion and even criticism?
6g. Do you regularly try to listen to your consciousness when making major decisions in life, regardless of the social norms and expectations?
6h. How commonly do you feel optimistic and positive about the future rather than worrying about it?
7a. Do you practice selfcare when going through hard times? (eg. live healthy, make time to relax, seek support from others)
7b. How often do you consciously make an effort to create moments of joy with friends, colleagues or family members?
7c. How regularly do you express appreciation and gratitude to your friends, family and colleagues?
7d. Do you generally feel grateful for all the comforts you have in your life? (eg. being grateful for the public infrastructure, food supplies, vehicle, job)
7e. How frequently are you able to forgive yourself and make amends?
7f. How regularly are you able to forgive others, even though they have acted against you?
7g. How naturally do you spontaneously act for the welfare of others without expecting any returns (eg giving up you seat on public transport, extending a friendly smile or concious thank you to the restaurant waiter)
7h. How often do you give personal time, comfort, wealth or any personal resources for the betterment of others? (eg. care for others, give donations)
8a. How consistently do you engage in outdoor activities that allow you to stay connected to nature? (eg.doing gardening, walk in the park)
8b. Do you habitually try to stay connected with nature at home or workplace? (eg. keeping plant in the room or table, opening windows periodically to ensure air circulations)
8c. On a daily basis, do you always make an effort to conserve nature? (eg. reduce use of plastic, trying to reduce, recycle and reuse)
8d. Do you usually support or volunteer in nature conservation? (eg. donate to conservation groups,volunteering cleanups, planting trees, conserving water bodies)
8e. How frequently do you immerse in natural environment (eg parks, forest, sea, mountain) during your free time or holiday?
8f. How often you you appreciate the role of other species in the ecosystem even though they may cause discomfort to you?
8g. How often do you consider nature's elements (heat, cold, humid, dry) and nature's cycles (day and night, four seasons) and the impact they have on your physical and mental health?
8h. Do you generally consider or utilise complementary wellness therapies and wisdom for your daily health and wellbeing? (eg. Jamu, Herbal drink/medicine, traditional massage,Yoga, or Meditation)
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