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Our award-wining Banyan Tree Spa offers a curated array of holistic wellbeing treatments that helps restore balance in your body and clarity in your mind. Step into our tranquil spa villas and let our trained therapists work their healing touch to alleviate the stressors of modern day living. 


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Purposeful Massage
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Discover our new range of body works, designed to promote health and combat modern lifestyle challenges. Our 'Purposeful Massage' treatments are designed with scientific techniques and methods to alleviate modern lifestyle issues such as lack of quality sleep, mobility & postural issues from working long hours and aid in detox. Consult with our spa therapists on the best treatment for you based on your needs for a more satisfying & healing experience. 


Choose from our 4 curated Purposeful Massages: 


Urban Relief: aimed to alleviate chronic pain and reduce muscle stiffness caused by long hours at work, otherwise known as Office Syndrome. This treatment combines trigger points and myofascial massage techniques. 


Restorative Detox:  aimed to stimulate the body's circulatory system by using kneading movements around the lymph nodes beneath the skin and improve the body's removal of waste and toxins.


Mobility Stretch: aimed to ease physical strain and tension and improve the body's mobility and flexibility using stretching techniques, ideal for a post-workout recovery. 


Sleep Essential: aimed to bring the mind and body to a deep state of rest, ideal for anyone experiencing anxiety and insomnia.






Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our signature hydrotherapy spa treatment that provides the best sensory detox. This treatment combines gentle floatation, calming sound therapy, and body stretch techniques, to promotes deep mind-body relaxation, release muscle tension, and improves functional movement of your joints. At Veya Phuket, we offer two styles you can choose from for your weightless therapy - 'Wave Stretch' for a state of profound relaxation, and 'Siam Stretch' to ease overall body tension through Thai massage techniques and floatation therapy. 


Our Weightless Therapy is recommended for anyone who is overwhelmed with daily life, experience anxiety, stiff joints or muscle contractions. 






Pool floating experience Villa
Plant infuse


Experience a ceremonial journey of sounds, scents, vibrations & plant-infused wellness rituals, rejuvenating through a balancing massage and nourishing with a gentle, rhythmic facial to alleviate pain, inflammation and stress and restore clarity to the body and mind.


Exclusively curated by Sacred Body Rituals® for Banyan Tree Veya this deeply immersive spa wellbeing treatment features the highly emotive scent of Palo Santo, the South American "Holy Wood", which immediately connects us with nature & takes us back to times of ceremony, meditation, transformation & grounding.  If you are looking for an extra level of physical and emotional calming, this experience offers a "CannaBliss" booster.


Inspired by rituals and deep-rooted traditions, this is truly a restorative journey to the inner self.




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