Veya Pool Villa

Sanctuary of rest and restoration
Luxury Villa with Private Pool
2 guests
140 sqm / 
1507 sqft

Veya Phuket is an intimate 12 one-bedroom Veya Pool Villa resort designed for optimal rest and restoration. Relax in privacy within one of our 5-star 140 sqm villas, offering modern comfort through the lens of contemporary Thai design and architecture, outfitted with luxurious king-sized beds, spacious bathrooms, and daybeds for contemplation, 19 sqm swimming pools and heated jet pools for relaxation.


Our Veya Pool Villa accommodation lets you enter a world of pure comfort and relaxation, allowing you the time to focus on yourself. Eash pool brings you closer to a tropical paradise in Phuket, Thailand with a whirlpool feature and an adjacent tree-covered area for yoga, pilates, or sunbathing.


2 guests
140 sqm / 
1507 sqft
Exercise Stretch Bands
Pillow Selection
Nightly Aromatherapy
Binaural Sleep Music
Yoga Mat
Wellbeing Mini Bar
Meditation Singing Bowl